​Have you ever had your dog outside, playing together, then you turn your back for a moment, and when you turn back around, they are mimicking a cow? Why the heck do dogs eat grass? They have perfectly edible food inside! 

A lot of dogs will chow down on your lawn, regardless of the breed. It's just a part of their makeup. However, eating some grass here and there won't end up harming your beloved pet.

Dogs ​Eat ​Grass​ For ​A ​Few ​Reasons:

dog eating a grass

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  • Boredom
  • Upset stomach
  • Pica
  • Nutritional deficiency
dog eating grass

Image via pexels

Because ​They ​Are ​Bored:

All dogs require a lot of brain stimulation. Keeping them entertained will keep them from eating your pillows. Sometimes, dogs eat grass, weeds, and flowers simply because they can. They want to be doing something, anything, including chomping down on some salad.

If ​They ​Have ​An ​Upset ​Stomach:

Dogs don't always alert their humans if they are in pain or discomfort. Eating grass usually causes a dog to vomit, which can relieve stomach pain. Canines have been observed practicing this behavior in the wild, so we can conclude that this is their way of making themselves feel better.

Maybe ​They ​Have ​Pica:

Pica is the scientific term for the disorder that causes an animal to eat things that are not food. Humans can have this problem too. If you suspect your dog has this, consult your veterinarian immediately, because it is treatable.

What ​If ​They ​Have ​A ​Nutritional ​Deficiency:

Depending on what kind of food you feed Fido, they may have a nutritional deficiency and are eating grass as a way to supplement your diet. Talk to your vet about changing up their diet, and check to see what ingredients are in your dog's food.

Are ​There ​Any ​Benefits ​To ​Eating ​Grass?

Beyond being a natural expectorant, grass does not have many nutritional qualities. Young dogs and puppies are more prone to eat grass out of boredom, so try distracting your pup with toys. 

Before you go copying your four-legged friend, please don't! Grass can be covered in potentially dangerous chemicals, so if you notice your dog eating some in an area outside your yard, definitely try to stop them. Try to get them to drink water, and if you see any signs that they don't feel well, call your vet.

Do ​Cats ​Eat ​Grass ​Too?

cat eating grass

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Yes, cats will also eat grass to induce puking. Cats are more prone to needing to vomit; as cats bathe themselves, the hair can build up inside and get uncomfortable. Indoor/outdoor and outdoor cats will both eat grass to throw up. Or because they are bored. Or because it smells good (cats actually have as strong of a sense of smell as dogs!)

What ​To ​Do ​If ​Your ​Dog ​Eats ​To ​Much ​Grass

dog eating on the grass

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If you suspect that your fur baby has a grass addiction, the best thing to do is to check-in with your vet to find the source of the issue. If they are eating grass out of boredom, distract them with toys. You can also make DIY treat puzzles with things like old water bottles, or freeze treats in a block of ice for them. 

When ​Does ​My ​Dog ​Eating ​Grass ​Become ​A ​Problem?

dog on the grass

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If you think your dog has pica or a nutritional deficiency, call the veterinarian as soon as possible. These can both be treated with medication and supplements, so keep an eye out if you see this behavior escalating. 

So now you know why your dog is eating grass. If Fido is still weird, then the grass wasn't the problem!

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