To Champion and Beyond

The day your first show dog finishes her championship is one you’ll always remember. What’s next? You can buy another dog and repeat the adventure, breed your dog if you have a female and show a promising puppy or work on a Grand Championship.

Remember: When a dog finishes, it means she earned 15 points including at least two majors, and is now a champion.

Grand Champion (GC)

Once a dog is a champion, she can continue showing in the Best of Breed class to compete for the title of Grand Champion. To add a GCH in front of her name, she needs to win 25 points. Nine or more of these points must be won at three shows with three or more Grand Championship points each and under three different judges.

The balance of the points must be won under another judge, and the dog must defeat at least one champion at three shows. The dog receives an AKC Grand Championship certificate, and the title precedes the dog’s name. The Best of Breed or Variety, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog or Select Bitch may win Grand Championship points.

Grand Champion Bronze Title (GCHB)

To earn a GCHB, a dog needs to win 100 Grand Championship points.

Grand Champion Silver Title (GCHS)

To earn a GCHS, a dog needs to win 200 Grand Championship points.

Grand Champion Gold Title (GCHG)

To earn a GCHG, a dog needs to win 400 Grand Championship points. 

Grand Champion Platinum Title (GCHP)

To earn a GCHP, a dog needs to win 800 Grand Championship points

Grand Champion Platinum Title (GCHP2)

After earning a Grand Champion Platinum title, a dog can earn an additional 800 Grand Champion points. A numeric designation indicates the quantity of times the dog has met the requirements of the Grand Champion Platinum title.

Dog Shows 101

How a Dog Show Works

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