Music can break through almost any barriers and speak directly to the soul. It has the power to transcend species and languages to give us all something to connect with. This is because when people create music, they are often speaking from the heart about something important to them. Like, perhaps, their dogs. The connection between humans and dogs has been strong for centuries, so it only makes sense that their love for their faithful companion would leak into the world of music. If you love your dog and want to share wonderful music with them, take a look at our list of the top 10 best songs about dogs.

What Kinds of Songs About Dogs Are There?

There are countless types of songs about dogs out in the world. Dogs are very well loved and there are many people who like to write songs about them. There are country style songs, rock-and-roll style songs, and even hip-hop style songs. No matter what type of music you are into, there is a dog song out there for you!

Besides just the different genres of music available, there are also a lot of songs about dogs that reference dogs in different ways. Some are very literal while others are subtle. For example, some songs about dogs really are about a specific dog. For example, if you think about the song, “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”, you may remember the song goes on to talk about a dog that is for sale in a pet store and how much the child wants to take that dog home. Here, the artist is clearly talking about a literal dog and making it obvious that the song is about a dog.

Other songs portray things a little differently. A song like "Who Let The Dogs Out" continuously references the word "dogs" and barks like a dog through much of the chorus. However, they are not actually talking about dogs. This song is referencing a popular slang usage of dog, which means a wild man who tries to get a lot of women. The song is popular and often associated with dogs in the animal sense nonetheless.

Regardless of how they interpret and reference dogs, both of these songs relate to dogs and can be added to the large list of songs about dogs.

Is There a Need for Songs About Dogs?

Cute dogs

This is a very subjective question and will depend largely on what you define as need. Do we need music? Do we need dogs? Do we need music about dogs? Some would immediately say "yes', while others may hesitate or disagree.



Songs About Dogs

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top ten songs about dogs you can actually sing to your dogs. Let the fun begin!

Top 10 Songs About Dogs to Sing to Your Dogs

I Love My Dog

Performed by Cat Stevens
“I Love My Dog” is a great song with a clear message: Cat Stevens (an ironic name) just loves his dog. Throughout the song, he talks about how his dog does not ask him for much more than just food and love and is always happy when he comes through. No matter what happens in his life with other people - whether they fade out of his life or not - Cat Stevens will always have his dog there by his side. This is a beautiful song with a simple meaning and a whole lot of love.

The More Boys I Meet

Performed by Carrie Underwood
Country legend Carrie Underwood wrote a popular hit talking about boy trouble and her dog. In the song, she discusses a series of men she has met and the poor ways they wanted to treat her. Each of these men wants something she does not want to follow through with and she then realizes that she does not want any of them. Throughout the chorus, she mentions how she has kissed a lot of frogs hoping for something magical and has come to realize that she loves her dog more than any guy she has met. This is a fun, sassy song that shows how you can never separate a woman from her beloved dog.

Dog Days Are Over

Performed by Florence and the Machine
This is a catchy, uplifting song by Florence and the Machine. It talks about love coming and hitting her so fast she does not know how it even happened. Throughout the song, she frequently repeats the title by saying the “dog days are over”. The phrase 'dog days' has many meanings, but, in this case, is likely to represent the stagnant inactivity of love in her life has ended. While this song does not specifically specify it is about a dog, it references a love so pure, rich, and powerful. This love could easily be from a person, but we associate it with a beloved pet.

The dogs of war

Performed by Pink Floyd
This song is an intense and dramatic song created to discuss war culture. In the song, they talk about the dark and painful nature of war and all the sorts of evil things that go on behind closed doors. At times in this piece, they talk about the “dogs of war”. In the song, this is a reference to the scoundrels of war who will not negotiate or treat you fairly. They only want what is good for them and do not care about anyone they have to trample on in order to get what they want.

The double image here is that there are many actual dogs involved in wartime. These dogs are trained to sniff out bombs, enemies, and many other dangerous things. The fear of war is real for humans and dogs alike.

Day of the Dog

Performed by Ezra Furman
This is a song of struggle by one who is praying for better times. The premise of the song is that they see all the rejects of the world living in pain. From bums to losers to prisoners and runaway children, they are all wandering through this life just waiting for something better - as the song terms it, waiting for the day of the dog - a day when all will be bright and peaceful. The Day of the Dog shows how highly people think of dogs based on their perception that the time of euphoria and peace is considered the "day of the dog."

Atomic Dog

Performed by George Clinton
This is an iconic song from the early 1980s. What is unique about this song is it continually refers to men as dogs, by talking about house dogs, street dogs, dancing dogs, and, of course, the atomic dog. They clearly mean these to symbolize all the types of people out in the world through the use of the word “dog”. By doing this, the song also shows the deep connection felt between humans and dogs and how much we will often compare ourselves to them. It is a classic hit that is worth listening to again and again.

Walking the Dog

Performed by The Rolling Stones
This is an old song that has been performed again and again by tons of artists. One of the most famous of those artists was The Rolling Stones. As the title suggests, they are simply "walking the dog." There is a girl named Mary who dresses prettily and jumps the fence to hang out with friends, but the friends continue to walk the dog instead. It is a cute song based on some childhood rhymes. At least the dog is getting a good walk out of it all!

Hound Dog

Performed by Elvis Presley
Another classic rock-and-roll hit is Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog. This song, in similarity to some other songs, refers to people as dogs. He sings about how the other guy is nothing but a hound dog. All this hound dog does is cry and cannot even manage to catch a rabbit - meaning, he is not a strong, independent person and, therefore, "just" a hound dog. While hound dogs themselves are not always weak, crying dogs, this song seems to suggest they are. Again, we can see the way people see human characteristics in dogs and can easily compare them to the people in their lives in this classic "dog song".

The Puppy Song

Performed by Harry Nilsson
This is a classic song about dogs and the love we hold for them. The first half of this song simply talks about how much he wants a puppy. The singer claims if he could have a puppy in his life, he would feel so lucky because he would finally have some company. He knows the puppy would care for him greatly and he would want to take the puppy everywhere he went. This is a very relatable feeling all potential and actual dog owners feel or have felt.

Dog & Butterfly

Performed by Heart
Dog & Butterfly is a unique song that has a storybook feel to it. Heart tells the tale of an old man, secret places, and, most notably, the dog and the butterfly. The butterfly flies up in the air because he likes to while the dog has to keep trying on land. She rolls on the warm ground and laughs for no particular reason. The song is reminiscent of old fairy tales or nursery rhymes because it is fantastical and beautiful. The dog in this piece keeps trying to just enjoy life - just like dogs in real life seem to do.


Songs about dogs are everywhere you look. They cross every genre, decade, and message. Regardless of what type of music you like to listen to, take a moment and listen to a dog song - or all of these! You just might find the perfect hit to share with your beloved canine companion today.

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