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Championship Breeders

  • Qualifications: Has Bred 4 or more AKC Champions and Member of AKC Parent or Regional Club
  • NO COST for Championship Breeders.
  • Championship Breeders – We rely on you as mentors to share your knowledge! Please consider contributing original articles. We don’t charge anything for this site. This is your opportunity to give-back to our purebred community and sport.

Championship Breeder Benefits:

  • Championship Breeder Page – Breeder/Kennel Page to record you and your dogs history.
  • Showcase Top Dogs – Create a legacy for your dogs! Photos, lineage, Breeder thoughts on each dog’s qualities and contributions.
  • Breeder’s Voice – Be a Mentor! Share your knowledge, kennel history, breed expertise, grooming and training tips…
  • PEDIGREE PROJECT – Lots of work still to do… Our hope is to integrate with the Breed Conservation and Gene Pool Preservation programs. Not yet available. If you are interested, please let us know.

AKC Club

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  • Open to All AKC Recognized Clubs – There is NO COST!

AKC Club Benefits:

  • Club Page with Logo
  • Links to Club Website and Facebook
  • Featured Club Events Promotion
  • Meeting/Special Event Announcements
  • Club Articles and Posts
  • Club-to-Club Private Forum
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