Spirited, dignified, and gentle


Spirited, dignified, and gentle

Aloof and statuesque, the Saluki carries an air of grace and symmetry. An athletic, speedy sighthound, and a member of AKC’s Hound Group, the Saluki maintains strong instincts to pursue any moving creature. With speed, strength, and endurance this hound can run down hare and gazelle across sand or rocky ground at 30 to 35 miles per hour.

The Saluki reserves his affection for only one person or family and is not overly demonstrative. Arab breeders gave the medium-sized Saluki his name, which means “The Noble.”

An ancient breed, the Saluki’s ancestors in Mesopotamia date back six thousand years, and the Egyptian king Tutankhamun’s burial treasures include representations of Salukis.

Salukis are independent thinkers who sport two types of coats: Feathered and Smooth. The feathered is smooth, soft, and silk, with feathering on the legs, back of thighs, toes, tail, and ears. The Smooth variety lacks feathering. The breed enjoys lure coursing but thinks lounging on the furniture is his birthright. ~Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

Breed Standard

Official Standard of the Saluki

Saluki Club of America

Head: Long and narrow, skull moderately wide between the ears, not domed, stop not pronounced, the whole showing great quality. Nose black or liver. Ears Long and covered with long silky hair hanging close to the skull and mobile. Eyes Dark to hazel and bright; large and oval, but not prominent. Teeth Strong and level.

Neck: Long, supple and well muscled.

Chest: Deep and moderately narrow.

Forequarters: Shoulders sloping and set well back, well muscled without being coarse. Forelegs Straight and long from the elbow to the knee.

Hindquarters: Strong, hipbones set well apart and stifle moderately bent, hocks low to the ground, showing galloping and jumping power.

Loin and Back: Back fairly broad, muscles slightly arched over loin.

Feet: Of moderate length, toes long and well arched, not splayed out, but at the same time not cat-footed; the whole being strong and supple and well feathered between the toes.

Tail: Long, set on low and carried naturally in a curve, well feathered on the underside with long silky hair, not bushy.

Coat: Smooth and of a soft silky texture, slight feather on the legs, feather at the back of the thighs and sometimes with slight woolly feather on the thigh and shoulder.

Colors: White, cream, fawn, golden, red, grizzle and tan, tricolor (white, black and tan) and black and tan.

General Appearance: The whole appearance of this breed should give an impression of grace and symmetry and of great speed and endurance coupled with strength and activity to enable it to kill gazelle or other quarry over deep sand or rocky mountains. The expression should be dignified and gentle with deep, faithful, far-seeing eyes. Dogs should average in height from 23 to 28 inches and bitches may be considerably smaller, this being very typical of the breed.

The Smooth Variety: In this variety the points should be the same with the exception of the coat, which has no feathering.

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