Animal Rights is Big Business

…and Purebred Dog Owners Can Use Their Tactics!

For years, the Animal Rights organizations such as PETA and HSUS, have methodically used brilliant marketing techniques to sway the public.  Language invented by Animal Rights groups such as “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and heart-wrenching commercials of mistreated animals reinforce the “rescue good, breeders bad” mentality now commonplace with the public.

Kill Shelters of the 70’sNAIA Shelter Project

Dog overpopulation was prevalent in the 1970’s.  With three decades of spay and neuter, animal shelters now have an underpopulation problem, but the HSUS efforts to be the main source of dogs is stronger than ever.  The best public source of shelter data can be found at NAIA Shelter Project.

Animal Rights TacticsNAIA Shelter Data

Animal Rights tactics have shifted to state-to-state transportation of dogs and importation of animals from other countries masked as further saving animals.  The reality is there are not enough shelter dogs.  Another tactic is to falsely reflect the numbers of dogs in the shelters by moving them from shelter to shelter so individual dogs are counted multiple times.

GOAL: HSUS intention is to remain “THE #1 SOURCE OF DOGS.  It is big business!

How Do Purebred Dog Owners and Kennel Clubs Succeed?

Here are simple, but powerful actions that breeders, owners, and kennel clubs should take.

Language and Propaganda:

  • Don’t use AR terminology.
  • Replace “puppy mill” with “substandard practices” and educate the public on the difference in healthy environments and loving care.
  • “High Volume Breeders” with exceptional kennel environments support our mutual “right-to-breed” position.  Since show breeders with exceptional dogs are breeding less, we currently cannot supply the purebred dog demand.  We cannot afford an elitist attitude and might re-consider our past opinions to ensure our right to breed.
  • Replace “overpopulation” with “surplus”.
  • Differentiate “rescue” and “re-home”.  A rescue has unknown origins.  A re-home has known origins, but needs a new home.  Re-homes often have medical records, family history, or are a retired show dog with stable temperaments.

Training Classes and Public Education – Huge Animal Rights Tactic

  • Offer Training Classes – Be proactive in offering and publicizing training classes, puppy class, rally, agility, barn hunt, herding tests and more.  Why?  AR groups, shelters and supporters have replaced kennel clubs as the resource for dogs AND training.  The training classes often reinforce the negative attitude towards the “bad breeders” and the “unhealthy purebred dogs”.  Kennel Clubs need to recapture their public position as the number one resource.
  • Public Relations – Add a PR person on your board of directors responsible for updating the club on current issues AND public outreach.  Press Releases on events, club dog heroes, and outreach.  Consider youth groups – Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, YMCA and the AKC Dog Show Patch Program.
  • Co-sponsor fun events, parades, costume contests, Santa Claus dog photos with local businesses.
  • Sponsor seminars by NAIA – National Animal Interest Alliance

Support the Fight

Join, Donate and Follow the efforts of Patti Strand and the National Animal Interest Alliance.  The NAIA Trust is dedicated to our legislative battle.  Listen to Patti Strand on Episode #43 of Pure Dog Talk for a more complete understanding of NAIA.

AKC Government Relations has current issues, legislative positions, and full resources for clubs and breeders to keep in the fight.






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