Welcome to Pure Dog Talk.  The podcast on Pure Bred Dogs.  I am your host Laura Reeves.  Today we are going to give you just a 411 on the who, what, where, why, where and how of this program.  For starters, my family always had dogs.  Mutts, pure bred, dogs everywhere.  Under foot, on the couch, outside, hunting dogs, you name it.  Mom eventually enrolled me in dog care 4H because I was shy, retiring and lacked people skills.  Thanks mom.  I am the living testimonial to the 4H program.  I continued into AKC shows as my family transitions from regular dogs to the wonderful world of purebred dogs.  I showed all of our family dogs in confirmation and participated in jr. showmanship.  Today I am a professional handler.  I am an AKC breeder of merit and a member of the Professional Handlers Assoc.  I breed German Wirehaired Pointers.  As a breeder I worked with my mom for a lot of years.  She bred and I handled the first German Wire to win a best in show and also earn a dual championship.  Mom and I together bred more than 50 titled and health tested dogs.  Show and field champions, agility champions and more.  As a handler, I finished hundreds of dogs.  Dozens of breeds in every variety group.  I have piloted dogs to all breed best i show wins.  Specialty best in show.  Group wins.  Pretty much everything you can name.  I do still have a few goals so it’s not time to quit just yet.

I grew up in this sport.  And I had the most amazing network of support and mentorship from breeders, handlers, club members, this is my time to pay that forward.  Mary Alby and I started pure dog talk as a way to reach out to members of the pure bred dog fancy with education and resources to help them succeed and move them forward in their goals and ambitions.  This podcast is for all of you guys.  If I don’t know the answer, I guarantee I know somebody that does.  I will be hooking you up with those people.  Giving you those resources.  We are coming at you from around the country.  Three days a week with Mentor Monday, Wednesday Wisdom and Friday Focus.  Why are we doing that?  Because our sport could use a little encouragement.  We want to be part of the solution.  We want to archive the mentoring and the knowledge of our master breeders and handlers.  We want to support young people in the sport.  Enough so maybe the next time they will bring a friend.  We want to turn the emphasis a little bit from just winning and rankings and ribbons to really achieving a greater understanding of what pure bred dogs really mean.  Pure bred dogs are history, and art, and beauty, brains.  They are living, breathing conduits to our past and to our future.  They are our heart and soul and a whole lot more.  Every one of us who are breeders, exhibitors, handlers, judges, we are the curators of the pure bred dog.  We want to support preservation breeders and the rights of everyone to own the dog of their choice and to responsibly insure the future of their breed.

I am looking forward to this journey.  I am excited about the opportunity we have to enhance every part of the wonderful world of pure bred dogs.

If you have any questions or input we would love to hear from you.  The show notes and links to resources on today’s topic are available at puredogtalk.com  Drop us a note.  Laure@puredogtalk.com

This podcast is for you.  If you want to know something, give me a holler, we will do a podcast for you.  Take a couple minutes to visit ITunes and give us a review.  This will help share the love with others in the sport.  This is your host Laura Reeves.  We hope you can join us next time as we continue on the journey to success with your pure bred dog.

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