Biologist Dr. Carol Beuchat, PhD presents a wealth of health, genetic, breed and breeder education through Institute of Canine Biology.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Beuchat used her extensive biology background to form the Institute of Canine Biology. Through the institute, she brings together scientists who study the different aspects of canine biology to help address genetic disorders and advance studies in genetics in dogs. Dr. Beuchat and the institute also work with dogs and breeders in studies to learn more about canine behavior as well.

The Institute of Canine Biology offers online courses for dog breeders to provide them helpful education in everything from the preservation of breeds to canine genetics and how that effects the dog in many ways. It also offers tools and other information for breeders who want to learn more about responsible breeding and breeding healthy dogs.

Through the studies and work of the institute, it is the hope that breeders can eventually wipe out certain genetic conditions and enable the preservation of breeds that have long been plagued by health issues.

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