How to Find Free Puppies in Your Area

Purchasing a brand new puppy can be one of the most joyous experiences for any member of the family—young or old. Starting fresh with a brand new dog in the family means giving everyone a chance to learn and grow with their new best friend.

However, finding a puppy is a lot easier said than done. Most parents and prospective pet owners will head to their local pet store, only to be dismayed by the pricing on some animals. You may also want to combat the proliferation of so-called “puppy mills,” by purchasing from a breeder. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is even more expensive.

Thankfully, if you change your approach in your puppy search, you may be able to find a new puppy that won’t break the bank. In fact, it may even be free.

If you want to get a brand new member of the family at no upfront cost to you, here how to find free puppies in your area.

Different Places to Shop

rottweiler puppies

There are several different ways you can locate and pick up puppies, and while not all of them are free, it’s worth going over the different terms so you can shop with confidence.

As we described above, of the most common and first-used puppy locator resources are the local pet shops. These can be found in shopping malls and outlets, and typically have pets for sale that can look quite wonderful on the outside. However, there’s a darker side to these types of shops that extends far past the pricing.

“Puppy mills,” as they are called, tend to thrive on this model of sales. These mills are known to crank out as many puppies as possible—often keeping them in less than sanitary and sometimes illegal conditions. Aside from the ethical problems with supporting puppy mills, there is also the issue of safety, as many of these puppies, unfortunately, have contracted diseases.

Of course, you’ll also rarely—if ever—find a puppy for free at a place like this, so if cost is to be considered, then we recommend ruling these places out entirely.

The next places to look are Animal Shelters or Humane Societies. These organizations are often privately run or voluntarily handled by the local community and tend to pick up animals that are doomed to animal control or the pound otherwise.

Animal Shelters and Humane Societies are traditionally a happy medium between the pet shop model and the pound model, and most of them are no-kill shelters. Meaning, they do not euthanize pets under any circumstances.

Your chances to find a free or low-cost puppy from these places is higher than with pet shops but lower than with pounds or similar organizations. The pricing traditionally ranges from free to about two hundred and fifty dollars in adoption fees.

However, it’s worth noting that these shelters are often where most people turn to find animals. In fact, millions of animals are adopted from such places each year. As such, high-demand pets like puppies are quick to be picked up, while older animals or those in breeds considered “ugly” by some are left in neglect.

While this does mean your chances of finding free puppies becomes limited, we also think it may pose a silver lining to your search. Be sure to look at the older dogs if you choose to check out your local shelter, and see if a dog that’s just a year or two older than you were expecting is worth the price.


In many cases, older dogs come at a reduced cost or no-cost due to their low demand, so if you’re willing to skirt your “free puppy” initiative somewhat, this could be a choice you may want to make.

Finally, there are pounds. These places are traditionally kill shelters, run by the local government, and have the worst conditions. While very few places use the term “pound” any more due to their connotations, pounds are worth considering differently than shelters for these reasons.

Your local pound will often have many free animals that the pound must either sell or euthanize to make room for more animals. It is a sad and frustrating process, but you may be able to save an animal or two from the process by stopping by your local pound to find a pet.

These animals are often more neglected than their sheltered and pet store counterparts, and even if the animal is free, there is the issue of medical attention to consider. The pound is often the last stop both for animals without owners as well as owners without animals due to the conditions, but if you’re desperate, you may find a great companion yet.

We’re sure these three major options aren’t ideal, and for many years, they were your only options. However, thanks to the Internet and other new developments, finding free puppies might be easier and safer with the new model.

Crowd-Sourcing Puppies

shitzu puppy

While old websites like Craigslist may give some people apprehension, the concept of crowd-sourcing puppies and other animals is still alive and well in various applications and other places.

Websites like PuppyFind or Adopt a Pet make it easy for prospective pet owners to get in touch with breeders and other sellers of puppies. While these websites are not free-only, they do provide ways to get in contact with the right people that may be able to make you an offer that you can’t refuse.

Crowd-sourced applications and websites like this tend to be easier and simpler for most people, who can look through breeds and puppies without ever leaving home. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to go about it.

In some cases, crowd-sourcing websites either don’t have the manpower or capacity to vet each seller, meaning you’ll need to do some of that research on your own to make sure you’re not in support of a puppy mill or otherwise a bad actor.

There’s also the issue of safety to be concerned when heading out to meet the buyer to make the exchange. You’ll need several verified documents when purchasing a pet, such as proof of immunizations, proof they don’t have worms, and other similar vaccinations. Without them, you could face legal trouble.

Generally, make sure of the following before you buy a puppy from one of these places:

  • Properly vet your prospective buyer
  • Arrange to meet the puppy and interact with it before buying
  • Meet in a location that makes both parties feel safe
  • Confirm the validity of the dog’s papers
  • Know which vet vaccinations are necessary for your area

Keeping these tips in mind when you head out to meet a buyer will make sure both you and the new puppy are well-protected.

Look Around

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Finally, if you have exhausted all other options and still don’t have the puppy that’s right for you, it is time to do things the old-fashioned way and keep a close eye out for opportunities.

This means looking for free puppies being sold by panhandlers or others in parking lots or nearby areas. Or going into your local shelter and explaining how you want to care for an animal but don’t have the funds.

You may even want to consider putting up signs or explaining the situation to friends and family to see if they know people who need to give up a dog. You’d be surprised how many accidental puppies are born and need homes quickly.

Keep in mind that looking around in this manner probably means taking on the burden of getting the puppy’s papers in order yourself. For more information on puppy papers, be sure to check out resources like the American Kennel Club and lock down everything you need to keep your new puppy above board.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, getting a puppy is easy—but getting a free puppy is going to be much harder. You’ll need to be creative in your search for the right animal and have the street smarts and know-how necessary to protect yourself as well as the animal in question.

Provided you put forth the effort, however, we’re confident that you’ll be able to locate the puppy that’s right for you. And if not, use the resources you’ve learned about to locate a slightly-older dog that might even fit your family unit better than a puppy ever could.

We hope we’ve given you a straightforward path to pet ownership that you can use to locate your new best friend. As always, shop carefully and with confidence, and be ready to care for your family’s next great adventure.

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