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Observing excellent Pro Handler skills in the Group Rings, our novice exhibitor, Kelly, has her picks for Best in Show.  Eager to learn more, Kelly discusses her choices with newly-introduced friends also in the Exhibitor Education program.  A gathering of other exhibitors, breeders, mentors and some curious judges also waiting for Best in Show.

Why is there a crowd buzzing around the Group Rings on a Saturday afternoon when in the past exhibitors were packed and gone and only the seasoned pros remained?

Because immediately following Best in Show is a BIS PRO HANDLER SERIES special event.  Featured is a top Terrier Handler clinic on “Proper Use of Bait – How to Get the Most Out of your Dog with the Least Amount of Bait”. 


The highlight of the Exhibitor Education Program is the BIS PRO HANDLER SERIES.  PHS is a short, thirty-minute clinic that features top Professional Handlers sharing their knowledge and expertise.  PHS is an advertised All-Breed show special event that immediately follows Best in Show only on Saturday afternoon.

Just as Pro Athletes coach young athletes in training camps to improve their skills, the BIS Pro Handler Series is the opportunity to learn from the best to become the best handler you can be.  Our Professional Handlers are Super Bowl athletes that have put in years of time and practice to handle dogs with ease and expertise.  An opportunity to learn from them is not one to be missed.

PHS topics may be on a particular skill or topic, focus on a group, or be hands-on examples such as:

  • Presentation on a table
  • Proper use of bait
  • The Free Stack
  • Mastering the down and back
  • Showing the bite
  • Handling the unsure or nervous dog
  • Understanding your Presence in the ring
  • Importance of Teamwork
  • Showing a Terrier


A critical part of the Exhibitor Education Program is the BIS Pro Handler Series.  Group and Best in Show competition is perhaps the best time to watch and learn.  We hope to see excellent breed quality examples, professional handling skills and presentation.  We also see dogs and exhibitors that lack in skill and are average in quality and presentation.

How do we learn to master the difference?

Unfortunately, many exhibitors suffer from a lack of understanding of the importance of studying the group rings as a key to their success.  Winners study winners.  Pro athletes study tapes of other Pro athletes.

Winning occasionally is fun. Losing is not.  The rewards of building a consistent winning strategy are great!

In the Exhibitor Education structure, the PHS clinic is the keynote speaker.  Let’s look at the exhibitor’s day:

  • Arrive at show. Unpack, set-up, coffee.
  • $2 Ring to warm up dog and exhibitor.
  • Groom
  • Maybe another pass through the $2 Ring.
  • Ring Time – Show the dog.
  • Talk with other exhibitors and breeders.
  • Lunch – Exhibitor Education Seminar (30 Mins)
  • Exercise Dog, shop the vendors
  • Meet up with other Exhibitor Ed participants at the Group Ring
  • Watch Groups and Best in Show
  • Featured Event – Learn tips from Pro Handler at BIS Pro Handler Series


One of the “hidden” secret benefits of the Exhibitor Education program is social reward.  The groundwork of small, incremental steps to dog show success is built into the program.  Pavlov’s dog, (pun intended), is well rewarded for learning and improving.

The dog show world is a great community.  But for the novice exhibitor, the appearance of an unapproachable “IN” group is very apparent.  The Exhibitor Education program opens the door and invites exhibitors to meet exhibitors in other breeds.  The social rewards of “feeling a part” of a group or community is unmeasurable, and creates a positive, welcome bond to the group.  Positive group bonds drive a person to “want” to be with the group, and thus, continue to show their dog, or even get another dog to show.  Novice exhibitors are a precious commodity.

By placing the BIS Pro Handler Series after Best in Show, but never on the last day of the show, we encourage not only a crowd for Best in Show, but an atmosphere of comradery and learning.  We strengthen the bonds in our dog show community.

The social reward of the BIS Pro Handler Series is a gift of encouragement by “heroes or stars” to our dog sport future.  For a “Star” to give a dedicated thirty minutes of their time to teaching exhibitors is a special do-not-miss opportunity.   Learning from the “Best of the Best” can be the emotional dog show highlight that triggers the exhibitor to keep putting what they learn into action, and coming back for more.

Want to know more about the Exhibitor Education Program?

Exhibitor Education – The $2 Ring

A Big Thank You to everything that has contributed their time and thoughts to this program.  Any suggestions, comments, or better ideas are extremely welcome at The goal of is “Giving Purebred Dogs a Better Future, Today”.


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