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Even though dog food seems simple, locating the perfect canned dog food for your pup is a tough decision. With so many options, finding a flavorful top brand is the least of your troubles. The food you choose needs to be right for your dog. You also need to consider how healthy the food is for your furry friend, as a healthy diet can extend the life of your pet considerably. 

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With a top brand, you can expect to find a healthy and affordable option that’s right for your pet’s needs. But we know you don’t have time (or the tummy strength) to try them all out yourself, so we took some of the guess work out for you. Here are the five best wet dog food brands to try out first, and what type of dog each option is best suited to fill. 

What Is Wet Dog Food?


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Wet dog food is canned. Unlike dry dog food, the traditional option, canned food offers a great source of water. There are many benefits to using canned food, as you can buy it in bulk from your local store. Wet dog food also is easy to store in a cellar or storm shelter in case of an emergency, and it comes in convenient, pre-measured portions. 

However, there are downsides to using canned food as well. You can’t leave wet dog food out all day for your pet like you could with dry options. The food is likely to spoil quickly and must be eaten soon after opening the can. Otherwise, you must store the open can in the refrigerator for no longer than 2-3 days. Dry food may also cost less over long-term because it comes in such large quantities. 

Why Your Dog May Need Wet Dog Food?

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Knowing which type of food is best for you dog is a tough call to make on your own. A vet can talk over your health concerns and suggest a brand or type of food that’s best. Together, you can find the best wet dog food for your specific needs. 

However, canned dog food is for many different types of dogs for many reasons. Wet food may be best for an older or sick dog, for example, because of the texture and ingredients used. The following are the most important reasons to consider wet dog food, including:

  • Dehydration-prone – Dogs that don’t drink enough water on hot, dry days need food to help them stay appropriately hydrated throughout the day. The  higher moisture level also helps dogs feel full faster, which is helpful if you’re trying to manage your pet’s weight or spur weight loss.
  • Trouble chewing – Older dogs and those with mouth illnesses that cause them to have trouble chewing may need wet food. Problems can include losing teeth, small mouth issues, or even misaligned jaws. 
  • Food smell – Senior dogs begin to lose their sense of smell, which often results in eating with much less enthusiasm than they may have when they were younger. Wet foods designed for older dogs offer a more vibrant scent and stronger flavor to boost appetite. 

What Ingredients Are Best In Canned Dog Food?


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Canned dog food is much more nutritious than traditional kibble. It not only offers a longer self-life and more choices in meat options, but there are also more filling and healthy ingredients. Fewer chemicals, carbohydrates, and other additives are used to make this type of food. Wet food is higher in protein, natural fats, and much more appealing for pets as well. 

To help you figure out which type of canned dog food is best, think about your pet’s preferences. You want them to eat the food, after all. Consider your dog’s nutrition needs and food allergies as well. Canned dog food comes in:

  • Grain-free
  •  Protein-rich
  • Low carb
  • No preservatives, colorings, or flavorings.

How Much Canned Food Should Your Dog Eat?

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The amount of food your dog eats may depend on their body weight. Larger dogs, for example, quickly eat much more than petite, teacup-sizes pups. According to Purina, the average adult dog daily eats a 3-ounce can of wet dog food per every 3-3.5 pounds of weight. This overall number is the total for the entire day, which typically includes at least two different meals. 

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How much food your dog eats also depends on their age. Puppies eat double the amount of wet dog food per pound of weight as the average adult dog. Elderly dogs may eat much less, but they also tend to require different ingredients to help them stay active, boost energy, and fight disease. You should look for canned food based on your pet’s age, among other things, for this reason. 

If you’re mixing wet and dry dog food, replace a 3-ounce-sized can of wet food for every ¼ cup of dry food your dog eats. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the amount of food you provide your pets to keep their body condition within ideal limits. 

5 Best Wet Dog Food Brands On The Market 

To find the five best wet dog food brands on the market today, we looked at all the types and flavors available. We checked each top brand for quality ingredients, suitability based on the pet’s life stage, and other benefits you may want to know with food, such as grain-free options. 

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food – Adult, Savory Stew With Beef And Veggies

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Highly recommended by vets, Hill’s Science Diet is the perfect food for maintaining healthy, fit dogs. The real protein and vegetables combine with gravy, which is irresistible to even picky eaters. Founded back in 1939, the brand is well-known in the industry, and their scientific approach to food offers you the best balance of ingredients. There are many options for different life stages and sizes of pets to personalize the dog food to suit your pet as well. 

Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Wet Dog Food

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Another top choice because the brand uses the highest quality ingredients; this wet dog food is packed with lean protein, veggies, and only easy to digest carbs. The formula is designed to help your dog absorb all the critical nutrients in the food, which is perfect for older or overweight dogs. However, any age dog can eat this food. It’s grain-free, with over 50% more protein than fat. Plus, the food offers ingredients to improve your dog’s skin and make their coat feel softer as well. 

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipes Chicken Dinner

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Blue Buffalo is another top brand name among dog foods for a reason: the ingredients are healthy, and the recipes are affordable. With a grain-free recipe of chicken, broth, chicken liver, peas, and carrots, adult dogs can stay in top shape longer. The fat to protein ratio of this food is around 65%. This food is best for adult dogs only though. 

Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Wet Dog Food

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Made with natural ingredients, Taste of the Wild is a healthy, grain-free food option great for all life stages. Although it’s best suited for older adult dogs and all types of puppies, the high-protein recipe is excellent for any aged dog. The first five ingredients on the label include beef, vegetable broth, lamb broth, dried egg product, and lamb liver. Plus, it contains nearly double the amount of protein than fat. 

Wellness Complete Health Natural Canned Dog Food Senior Formula

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The best-canned food option for senior dogs, Wellness Complete, contains natural ingredients to support your older dog’s skin, coat, digestive system, immunity, gums, eyes, and teeth. Ingredients such as flaxseed help support your pet’s skin and coat health while those like carrots offer an antioxidant that’s great for eye performance. It has fewer calories and more fiber for a senior dog’s needs. 

A Few Other Brands To Consider

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Although these are the top 5 best brands when it comes to canned dog food, there are many other brands you can choose from. Our runner-ups include:

  •  Halo Holistic
  •  Instinct Original 
  • Purina ALPO Chop House
  • Merrick Classic Grain Free
  • Whole Earth Farms
  • Crave 
  • Go!

Consider Both Wet And Dry Food

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Before heading off to your local pet store to purchase the first brand on this list, consider using both types of food for your pet. Mixing the two diets is another feeding method people use, known as “topping,” that can help you incorporate the wet food into your pet’s eating routine or work as a permanent option for many adult dogs. The right choice, however, will also depend on your pet’s needs.  

Consider your dog’s age, health requirements, and any illnesses they’re prone to before making your final decision. Remember, your vet is there to help as well. Ask them any questions you have pertaining to your pet’s dietary health.  

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