All About the Judging Schedule

About a week before the show, you will receive confirmation of your entry and a judging schedule. The schedule of what time and in what ring a breed shows is also available at the superintendent’s website. Check to make sure that all your entry information is correct.

If you don’t receive confirmation five days before the show, call the superintendent to verify your entry.

Reading the Judging Program

The judging schedule lists the total number of dogs entered in the show. Look for your breed and you’ll see numbers in parentheses. For example, Scottish Terriers (3-2-4-3). The first number signifies the number of dogs (males) entered (3); the second is the number of bitches (females) (2), four dog specials (champions) and three bitch specials (champions).

Remember: These numbers determine how many points will be awarded if all the entries show in the ring.

The judge may not begin judging any breed before the time posted in the judging schedule.

       Warning: Don’t be late to your assigned ring time, as the judge will not wait for you.

The Ring Schedule

To find out what time your breed goes into the ring, look at the breed index. Next, look at the ring schedule of judging. It might show sets of a few different breeds. For example, four or more breeds listed at the same time, with a few more breeds listed an hour later.

If you want to calculate the time your breed goes into the ring, multiply 2-l/2 minutes per dog, or about six dogs every 15 minutes. If any of the dogs are absent in the first breed, the judging of the second breed will begin earlier, but not before the next set of breeds.

Want a more precise time? When you arrive at the show, approach the ring steward about an hour before the posted ring time and politely ask how many dogs are absent. Then subtract that amount from the total number of dogs entered.

Warning: If the judging schedule lists a judge change and you don’t want to exhibit under the new judge, you may withdraw your entry one half-hour before any conformation judging begins that day. If the change is posted at the show, you may withdraw up to the start time of judging for that breed. You will receive a refund for your entry after the show ends.

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