About Championship Breeders

Who we are.

We solve the problem that potential purebred owners cannot find Championship Breeders. Top Championship Breeders, many of whom have studied dogs for forty or more years, are in their 60’s-80’s. As they are dying off, their immense knowledge and their legacy is dying with them. Preservation is critical.

This site is to be a collaborative platform to make Championship Breeders and their collective, authoritative knowledge public and rank #1 on Google (after AKC). 80% (estimate) of the Championship Breeders are not currently found online.

Dedication, passion, lifelong commitment are words that describe Championship Breeders. These people have their heart and soul in their dogs. Very few have ever made enough money to even begin to cover the costs to breed and show Championship Dogs. They breed to preserve, protect and maintain their breed. They breed because they love what makes a Norwegian Elkhound a great hunter, or to train a Border Collie to work sheep or run agility. The point is our target audience is passionate, dedicated and committed, and as long as our message is in alignment, Championship Breeders will support our mission.

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