Norwegian Elkhound Club Celebrates 2016 National Champion

American GCH and Canadian CH. June Taylor (aka “June”) won top honors of Best in Specialty Show at the Norwegian Elkhound Club of America Nationals in St. Charles, Illinois.

The Winning Experience

I always love going to the Norwegian Elkhound Club of America National shows but never had won top honors. When the Judge, Mr. Espen Engh pointed to us at the end of 2 days of competition and eliminations, at first I was stunned, then started crying as the realization of what just happened sank in. Not only had June won the coveted National, but under such a highly respected International Judge! I will never forget that day or that feeling, and all the congratulations too. — Lori Webster

Lori Webster and June Taylor

Lori Webster has been breeding Norwegian Elkhounds for almost 30 years and owns and bred June’s sire, GCH Tioka’s American Ride aka “Ben”.  American GCH and Canadian CH. June Taylor (aka “June”) is 3 years old and has been a very busy girl so far in her young Norwegian Elkhound life. After finishing her American Grand Championship with her breeders Kevin and Linda Richard, she went home with her co-owner Nicole Casavechia to the Nova Scotia area of Canada where she very quickly earned her Canadian Championship. There she was bred and came back to her breeders to have her litter at home in Pennsylvania. When she was done with her maternal duties, June came to live with Lori in western New York in January of this year.

I was thrilled. I fell in love with her when I first met her at 4 months of age.  June quickly settled in and is a very typical Norwegian Elkhound. She is very inquisitive, active, and loves people. She is most definitely a hunter and enjoys using her skills in Barn Hunts, the backyard or on walks.–Lori Webster

June Taylor Resting on her Laurels

June Taylor Resting on her Laurels


And how does June feel about her new National Champion status?  Well, she is enjoying being a just a dog back at home or on the road.


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